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Six Of Crows

One is foolish, Two is doubtful, Three is never enough, Four is questionable, Five is adequate, But six, six is disastrous; The mission is simple: get into the unbreachable Ice Court and break out the man who invented a deadly drug known as Jurda Parem. But nothing is ever easy for the folks of Ketterdam.…

The Clockwork Prince

In the enchanting underworld of Victorian London, Tessa has finally found a home amongst the Shadowhunters but her troubles are far from over. Especially when the Magister will stop at nothing to seize Tessa and make good use of her special talents for his own malicious agenda. In addition to this, the Clave challenges Charlotte,…

Of Magpies And Men

First of all, a mighty big thank you to the @AuthorOderay for providing me with the ARC of this wonderful novel. Of Magpies And Men releases on 02/02/2021 and I strongly recommend you to go get a copy! Review:Benedict Grant is a frontrunner who lives a posh life in London. Marie Boulanger is a nurse…